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DLS Speakers 2017

Dr.Majd Naji


Dr.Majd Naji close

  • Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist
  • Public Figure

Dr.Mamdooh Ashy


Dr. Mamdooh Ashy close

  • Regional Plastic Surgeon
  • public Figure

Captin Sami Al Hadaad


Captin Sami Al Hadaad close

  • IFBB world championships
  • Public Figure

Mr.Ahmed Alanzoor


Mr.Ahmed Alanzoorclose

  • Physiotherapist
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist

The Bulletproof Dentist

Dr.Andrea Bazzucchi


Dr.Andrea Bazzucchiclose

  • MSc Orthodontics , Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,USA.
  • MSc Orthodontics , University of Naples, Italy.
  • International Speaker on Invisalign technique.
  • Invisalign Platinum provider.

Clear Aligners And Esthetic Dentistry, The New Era Of Interdisciplinary Approach?

Dr.Azhar Naseeb


Dr.Azhar Naseebclose

  • MSc, Dental Public Health.
  • MSc, Health Care Management.
  • Head of Clinical Research Unit-NHRA, Bahrain.
  • Head, Continuing Medical Education-NHRA, Bahrain.
  • Head of Scientific committee, DLS Bahrain.

The Importance Of Cpd/cme Training

Ms. Paula Parise


Ms. Paula Pariseclose

  • RDH, MS
  • Head of Dental Hygiene Program, University of Bahrain.


Preventive Dentistry Seminar: Cambra

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ghareeb


Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ghareebclose

  • ENT/ Sleep disorder consultant.
  • Owner of Alghareeb Medical Center, Bahrain.


Snoring And Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Dentistry

Dr.Iyad Ghoneim


Dr.Iyad Ghoneimclose

  • Specialist Degree in Oral Implantology, DGZI. 
  • Private Practice, KSA.


Immediate Implant Placement, When, Why And How?

Mr.Blake McClellan


Mr.Blake McClellanclose

  • CEO of Implant Compare.

Cost Effective Solutions To Digital Marketing In Dentistry

Mr.Rod Uribe


Mr.Rod Uribeclose

  • US Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • CEO Pro Med Sales


The Necessity Of Philanthropy In Dentistry

Dr.Maysoon Al Alawi


Dr.Maysoon Al Alawi close

  • CAGS, MSD Prosthodontic
  • Private Practice, Bahrain. 


Smile Confidentially: Ceramic Veneer Preparation

Dr.Matt Koepke


Dr.Matt Koepkeclose

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Appalachian Oral Surgery Center.
  • Author of "Ethics Under the Knife.


Ethics Under The Knife Steps To Regain Our Patients’ Confidence

Dr.Martin Pedernera


Dr.Martin Pederneraclose

  • Orthodontist
  • Specialist in Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Lecturer at Athenea Dental Institute, Barcelona.


Lingual Orthodontics: Therapeutic Possibilities

Ms. Abeer Al Matooq


Ms. Abeer Al Matooqclose

  • Masters in Human Resources Management. 
  • BSc in English Literature / psychology.
  • Qualified Transformational and Style Coach. 


Dentist's Image And Credibility

Dr. Alexandru Karkhi


Dr. Alexandru Karkhi close

  • Certified Oral implantologist and Non-surgical facial aesthetics.
  • Private Practice, Bucharest.


3d Guided Surgery In Minimal Invasive Dental Implants Placement

Dr.Ebrahim Al-Awadhi


Dr.Ebrahim Al-Awadhiclose

  • Consultant orthodontics 
  • Dublin Dental University Hospital, Ireland.


New Trends In Orthodontics

Dr.Maxim Belograd


Dr.Maxim Belogradclose

  • Specialist in Microscopic dentistry.
  • Co-Founder of Microvision Group.
  • Private Practice, Ukraine. 

Microvision Composite And Ceramic Challenge

Dr.Fadi Khuffash


Dr.Fadi Khuffashclose

  • MSc restorative and aesthetic dentistry.
  • MSc Laser in dentistry.
  • Private Practice, Ramallah-Dubai


Updates In Direct Pulp Capping

Dr. Joseph Goodman


Dr. Joseph Goodmanclose

  • Owner of Beverly Hills Center for Cosmetic Dentistry , USA 


Cosmetic Dentistry Failures And Lifestyle Of A Beverly Hills Dentist

Prof. Dr.Othman AL Tuwairgi


Prof. Dr.Othman AL Tuwairgiclose

  • DMD,MD,MSc,PhD
  • Member of AAOMFS
  • Senior Consultant of Aesthetic & Reconstruction of Facial & Skull Base.
  • Visiting Professor, Al Fisal University and Maryland University.

Aesthetic And Corrective Surgery Scope For Professional With Dental Background