DLS6 Bahrain Virtual Competition Awards "Live E-Posters Meeting"

In collaboration with IADR Saudi Arabian Division

2nd & 3rd November 2021 - (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Poster Submission is open now Deadline

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General Guidelines:

The objective of the E-poster is to outline the methodology and findings from your research, clearly and concisely, so that they can be understood with a 3 minutes presentation. One presenter only will be allowed for each E-poster.All submitted abstracts will be assessed for eligibility and selected posters will be invited for live E-poster presentation.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  1. •Abstracts must be on word format, it should be structured, prepared in English language not exceeding 200 words, font size 12 in Times New Roman font and with double spacing.
  2. Title, Presenters name, Designation and Institution, Acknowledgment to the Guide, Email address for correspondence, Phone number, should be included in the abstract submission.
  3. The final nominated E poster presentation will be on PPT format.
  4. All Accepted Posters/research should be registered in Conference and the presenters should be an active IADR/Saudi division member.

Deadline of Posters Submission:

Saturday October 27, 2021 at 12:00 Midnight.

Announcing the accepted poster:

Announcement on October 31st, 2021

Requirements to Join the competition:

All accepted E-poster requires to:
  • Complete the Conference Registration, copy of registration Confirmation “Conference E-Ticket” to be sent via email.
  • To have an active IADR/Saudi Division member. (membership details http://iadr.org/IADR/Join-Renew)

Virtual E-Poster Presentation Session:

The Virtual E-Poster meeting will be Live on ZOOM platform divided into two days on: Tuesday, Wednesday November 2nd-3rd, 2021.

Poster presentation awards:

All presenters will receive certificate of appreciation.

Best poster presentation award:

  • 200 BD/2000 SR and free conference Entry for DLS7 2022
  • 150 BD/1500 SR and free conference Entry for DLS7 2022
  • 100 BD/1000 SR and free conference Entry for DLS7 2022
  • 50 BD/500 SR and free conference Entry for DLS7 2022
  • conference Entry for DLS7 2022

For more information

Email: IADR@dlsbahrain.com