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Healthcare Celebrities


Health Care Celebrities Panel Discussion (Arabic Speech)

Title: What will and Should Successful Dentists lifestyle looks like?

Celebrity Cosmetic dentist, plastic surgeon and life coach nutritionist have a vested interest in establishing the future direction and profile of Dentist's Lifestyle. They will share together on stage from each prospective career and personal experience, the steps and guidelines that lead them to be motivational and public figure in their profession and how each of them maintain their lifestyle. This will lead the Dentists to live examples, guidelines, get recommendations and advices. on stage, panelists will discuss the individual goals and how they all fit together to achieve the overall goal of the panel.


Dr.Majd Naji


Dr.Majd Naji close

  • Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist
  • Public Figure

Dr.Mamdooh Ashy


Dr. Mamdooh Ashy close

  • Regional Plastic Surgeon
  • public Figure

Captin Sami Al Hadaad


Captin Sami Al Hadaad close

  • IFBB world championships
  • Public Figure