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Mr.Ahmed Alanzoor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist
Topic : The bulletproof dentist

Dentists commonly experience musculoskeletal pain during the course of their careers. Pain is the body's alarm system alerting the person that there is a problem. When regularly occurring pain or discomfort is ignored it can lead to a chronic injury or a career-ending disability! In this lecture we will discuss the most common dentist muscoloskeletal issues, how to manage them and most improtantly how to prevent them

Dr.Andrea Bazzucchi
  • MSc Orthodontics , Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,USA.
  • MSc Orthodontics , University of Naples, Italy.
  • International Speaker on Invisalign technique.
  • Invisalign Platinum provider.
Topic : Clear Aligners and esthetic dentistry, the new era of interdisciplinary approach?

Clear Aligners and esthetic dentistry, the new era of interdisciplinary approach?
Orthodontics is not just for children and adolescents. An increasing number of adults have been referred to orthodontists to correct malocclusion and above all to improve the restorative treatments goals. In many instances, there is a need for combination of restorative and orthodontic care to achieve ideal esthetics and function. Straighten teeth not only results in a less invasive restorative work, but it also helps improving oral hygiene and getting a healthier periodontium. Patients seeking cosmetic restorative dentistry will often decline conventional orthodontics because of the unesthetic appearance of the appliance. Clear aligners could help patients accept interdisciplinary treatment.

Dr.Azhar Naseeb
  • MSc, Dental Public Health.
  • MSc, Health Care Management.
  • Head of Clinical Research Unit-NHRA, Bahrain.
  • Head, Continuing Medical Education-NHRA, Bahrain.
  • Head of Scientific committee, DLS Bahrain.
Topic : The importance of CPD/CME Training

Becoming a dentist/physician, nurse or other health care specialist requires many years of education. But the learning doesn’t stop once a license and board certification have been earned and practice begins—learning continues by way of continued medical education, or CME.

CME is crucial to the prosperity of health care providers—it allows a practitioner to learn and discover viable ways to improve on the patient care they deliver and effectively manage a career in the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry. The requirements or acceptable level of CME vary across medical disciplines, but they are equally important no matter the specialty or scope of practice in which a provider is engaged. Continuing medical education allows health care providers to:

-refine skills to improve overall patient care, stay current with the latest developments within their specialty, address real-world challenges that health care professionals face day to day, gain professional growth and a means to advance career status, meet licensing/certification requirements, learn effective medical team management skills.


The fields of medicine and science never stop moving forward—and neither should dentists/physicians/health professions. Whether dentists/physicians work in clinical care, research, health care administration, or other areas of medicine, accredited CME must tailored to their needs and their patients’ needs.

Participation in accredited CME by NHRA helps dentists/physicians and other health professions meet requirements for maintenance of licensure, and their credentialing, membership in professional societies, and other professional privileges.


Thus, raising the quality and efficiency of the health practitioners' performance in order to provide safe, timely care to the people of Bahrain, preserving and developing the health practitioners' medical and scientific knowledge and ensuring healthcare professionals have access to information of the most recent developments in their specialties in order to develop their skills and expertise are NHRA main objectives  as these aligned perfectly with NHRA values.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ghareeb
  • ENT/ Sleep disorder consultant.
  • Owner of Alghareeb Medical Center, Bahrain.


Topic : Snoring and obstructive Sleep apnea in Dentistry

Sleep Apnea is a serious health problem that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted or stop during sleep , this resulted in hypoxia of many vital organs such as brain and heart leading to possible serious complications such as stroke, and sudden death, in addition to poor quality of life due to daytime fatigue , poor memory, etc. 

Overcrowding of Oro-pharyngeal space due to facial anomalies, retrognathia, macroglossia... are one of main the causes. Several medical disciplines actively involve in diagnosis and management of snoring and sleep apnea, and definitely dentist input and role is very essential.Protocol of Diagnosis, investigation and treatment options will be thoroughly discussed in this presentation and fitting of MAD workshop.


Dr.Iyad Ghoneim
  • Specialist Degree in Oral Implantology, DGZI. 
  • Private Practice, KSA.


Topic : Immediate Implant placement, When, Why and how?

Dental Implants are, with no doubt, today the first option for restoring missing teeth and the question which any dentist may face is either to place them simultaneously at time of tooth removal or wait for the socket to heal, and if we need or not to manipulate this socket, and do we have a clear criteria for that and what are the other options incase we can not. In this presentation I will highlight over these issues and draw a treatment plan tree based on evidence dentistry to make the decision easier.


Mr.Blake McClellan
  • CEO of Implant Compare.
Topic : Cost Effective Solutions to Digital Marketing in Dentistry

The average time spent on the internet by consumers has passed 4 hours per day with the majority of that time being on a mobile device.  Since 80% of that time on mobile devices is spent on social media there are new ways to advertise and reach clients.  A large percentage of digital advertising dollars are wasted due to lack of conversion when leads click on ads.  The goal of this lecture is to educate clinicians on the digital trends in society and how they can capitalize on this movement by modernizing their digital presence.  We will discuss how to make a mobile friendly (responsive) website that the clinician and or staff can manage on their own and social advertising tips to increase traffic.  Facebook and Instagram are becoming the leaders in the multi-billion-dollar advertising industry due to their strategic advertising options. 


Mr.Rod Uribe
  • US Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • CEO Pro Med Sales


Topic : The Necessity of Philanthropy in Dentistry

Worldwide access to dental care is extremely poor. 60-90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. Severe periodontal disease is found in nearly 20% of middle-aged (35 to 44 years old) adults. Globally, about 30% of people aged 65-74 have no natural teeth. Having spent 2 1⁄2 years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines, I have seen the need first hand for improved access to basic dental care – especially amongst poor and disadvantaged groups. 

In this lecture I will chronicle my experiences in the Philippines while volunteering in the Peace Corps. Having lived in Dalaguete City in the southern part of the archipelago, I interacted on a daily basis with so many people in need of general dentistry. This need was not just an anomaly in my village, but on every island I visited, the need was the same. 


Dr.Maysoon Al Alawi
  • CAGS, MSD Prosthodontic
  • Private Practice, Bahrain. 


Topic : Smile confidentially: Ceramic Veneer Preparation

A beautiful smile does not only enhance the facial beauty, but it also reflects certain personality for the patient. It’s give the patient what is missing in his life to be positive happy, attractive and confident with high self esteem. So the dentist’s challenge here is to establish harmony between the restoration and facial soft tissues to deliver a natural beautiful smile to meet the patient expectation.

As there has been a general increase in the awareness of cosmetic industry and it’s ever increasing capabilities result in increase in patient demand to improve their appearance. Dentistry was one of the fields where media played a significant role in boosting public expectations for a beautiful smile.

In last 20 year ceramic veneers have truly amazing what they have done to profession of dentistry and patient who preformed them but yet till today there is tremendous confusion around how to prepare the teeth for veneer. This overview of aesthetic principles is not limited to tooth esthetics only, but also includes gingival aesthetics and the final integration into the frame of the smile, face, and more generally the individual This lecture will include the step by step ceramic veneer preparation for conservative preps, dark teeth, old restoration, changing contour teeth and maligned teeth procedures and related technique APT (Aesthetic pre-evaluative Temporization), impression, emphasis the importance of face bow registration.

Dr.Matt Koepke
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Appalachian Oral Surgery Center.
  • Author of "Ethics Under the Knife.


Topic : Ethics Under The Knife Steps to Regain Our Patients’ Confidence

In April 2013, an unprofessional event shook the medical community involving two medical professionals (Anesthesiologist and Gastroenterologist) and a sedated patient. The patient filed a lawsuit and won due to the physicians’ misconduct. After completing 4-years of residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, I’m able to finally vocalize the concerns within the Hospital and outpatient clinic environments that still exist today which are directly related to the lawsuit. Surprisingly, the lawsuit that made National News did not resolve the issues which will ultimately jeopardize our industry’s reputation. With my recent book release Ethics Under The Knife, I will walk the audience through examples detailing this issue further yet offer solutions so we can restore our patients’ confidence immediately. 

Dr.Martin Pedernera
  • Orthodontist
  • Specialist in Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Lecturer at Athenea Dental Institute, Barcelona.


Topic : Lingual Orthodontics: Therapeutic Possibilities

The future of orthodontics as an aesthetic treatment asks the orthodontists to be prepare to offer to the patient another orthodontic treatment that accomplishes the goals of the aesthetics and occlusion having into account the máximum level of aesthetic as posible.

 In this lecture the author will show the Custom Made Lingual Orthodontics (CLO) technique through clinical reports the analogic and/or digital planificación and brackets set-up.


Ms. Abeer Al Matooq
  • Masters in Human Resources Management. 
  • BSc in English Literature / psychology.
  • Qualified Transformational and Style Coach. 


Topic : Dentist's image and Credibility

Your professional image determines your credibility ... and with physicians it becomes even more crucial as people will normally think twice before deciding to deal with a doctor who doesn't look professional or credible... image isn't limited to what you put on as cloths, it fits beyond that to how you carry yourself, how you walk and talk, your facial expressions, body language and all that you use to communicate and connect.

Success happens by design and not by coincidence and how you present yourself to the world is key to that.


Dr. Alexandru Karkhi
  • Certified Oral implantologist and Non-surgical facial aesthetics.
  • Private Practice, Bucharest.


Topic : 3D Guided Surgery in minimal invasive dental implants placement

He modern approach in 2017 is to place dental implants with the help of the digital created surgical guides for the best surgical results.

The 'One day implants' concept refers to the type of implant surgery procedures that allow the patients to have their affected teeth removed, implants inserted after the teeth removal and immediate loading with temporary crowns, all in one session. Here we can discuss about single implant placements (replacing one missing tooth) up to implant bridges and All On Four / All On Six treatments. Planning in advance using computer guided surgery will easily become the best choice for any oral surgeon or dental paleontologist, by allowing the practitioner to provide his patient with the best treatment possible.

The guided surgery will increase the predictability of the implant surgical procedures and the dental implants rate of success over long term use.


Dr.Ebrahim Al-Awadhi
  • Consultant orthodontics 
  • Dublin Dental University Hospital, Ireland.


Topic : New trends in orthodontics

Twenty first century has brought revolutionary changes in quality of human life in many ways, including oral health care. The changing life style, food habits and increasing number of elderly patients have become more challenging for orthodontics.

The future of orthodontics depends on its ability to incorporate new and better treatment modalities into clinical practice. Newer technologies and materials are coming up every day which has helped in newer appliances.


Dr.Maxim Belograd
  • Specialist in Microscopic dentistry.
  • Co-Founder of Microvision Group.
  • Private Practice, Ukraine. 
Topic : MicroVision composite and ceramic challenge

It is well-known fact that less you invade – better you do. It is also an axiom that better you see - more precise you do. These fundamental aspects multiplied with knowledge, passion and skills have been creating new philosophy of micro dentistry – MicroVision.

 During our lecture we will pass through nuances of modern minimal invasive approaches in restorative and esthetic dentistry, will discuss techniques that allow us to save sound tissues during preparation and excavation. And for sure we will be focusing on restorative procedures covering direct resin restorations and indirect techniques based on MicroVision philosophy to get long-term esthetic results.


Dr.Fadi Khuffash
  • MSc restorative and aesthetic dentistry.
  • MSc Laser in dentistry.
  • Private Practice, Ramallah-Dubai


Topic : Updates in direct pulp capping

During routine dental work with direct or indirect restorations 
Dentist face an exposure of pulp that happen either traumatic or pathological 
The treatment in the past had old criteria’s the changed a lot these days 
The success rate was not more than 50% and the other had endodontic treatment 
The new materials and new technique changed a lot the concept, and the success rate which can be up to 98% 


Dr. Joseph Goodman
  • Owner of Beverly Hills Center for Cosmetic Dentistry , USA 


Topic : Cosmetic Dentistry Failures and Lifestyle of a Beverly Hills Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery have become mainstream:  Every newspaper, magazine and TV ad are advertising it.

But how is it done right? What are the common mistakes cosmetic dentists (myself included) have done or failed to do.

Every dentist wants a successful outcome, especially in Beverly Hills where people walk around with your teeth as walking advertisement.

As a cosmetic dentist, one must be not only experienced in his field, he or she must also become a patient’s trustee, his adviser and the professional dentist must sometimes deny the case when expectations are over the top and cannot be met. Especially and unfortunately in Beverly Hills, where people are either on medications (Xanax), have a life crisis (Divorce rate 60% +), have gone to 10 other dentists before you, the dentist must be able to steer the patient in the right direction.

Prof. Dr.Othman AL Tuwairgi
  • DMD,MD,MSc,PhD
  • Member of AAOMFS
  • Senior Consultant of Aesthetic & Reconstruction of Facial & Skull Base.
  • Visiting Professor, Al Fisal University and Maryland University.
Topic : Aesthetic and corrective surgery scope for professional with dental background

During this lecture the scope of the aesthetic procedures that cane be done by our profession and how we should be selective when we are planning to expand our scope of aesthetics procedures. 

This lecture will give the basic knowledge of the facial changes with aging as well as the common procedure that can be accompanied our routine facial and corrective procedures.